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Website Designer Group Melbourne has the necessary experience and expertise to provide quality web based and cost-effective internet marketing solutions from websites to specific lead generation marketing funnels. Each website and sales funnel is built specifically to your individual business requirements to attract both new and established clients.

Web Design Melbourne

Let us help you and design a website specifically customised to your own unique business requirements.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Make your business stand out from the local crowd. Our SEO specialists will take your web presence to new heights by using proven SEO Techniques that will maximise your web exposure.

Lead Generation - Sales Funnels

Flood your business with new clients by using tried and tested lead generation models. We will design sales funnels for your business to target specific niches where your future clients are.

How We Build Your Small Business Website

We optimise websites to provide targeted and focused leads that are looking for your business

Getting to know your Business

It is vital that we understand you, your business and your business goals. We therefore spend time with you discussing your business and getting to know you, so we can design your website to target high converting customers.

Expert Design

We design a website that is appealing to your customers and makes finding the information they require easy. The content of your website is designed to be optimised for SEO purposes giving the site a high ranking in search engines.

Understanding Your Niche

The first thing we do after we have discussed your business and your expectations is to research your competitors and your business niche. We combine this with in depth Keyword Research to find the buying or action keywords in your niche to drive traffic to your website.

Holding Your Hand

Once your website is up and running we provide ongoing monitoring, off-site backups and website security for as long as you require. We are around whenever you need us.


Why Choose Us?

We Are Dedicated Website Design Specialists

Website Designer Group is a dedicated Website Design, Website Development and Lead Generation business based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our website design features fully mobile responsive, high quality websites at affordable prices for small and medium sized businesses throughout Australia. Clients choose us because we get to know their business and we are there for the long term. The websites that our clients receive are built on the principles of creative design, complete functionality.

Our Business Coaching Background Is Vital In Understanding What You Clients Want.

Our background is in business coaching which allows us help our client find areas to expand their businesses by recognising opportunities and formulating strategies to capitalise on them. What we offer to our clients is personalised service and a high level of customer support both during and after the website development stage.

We Provide A Complete Service

Support is from our head office in Melbourne, Victoria and is 100% on-shore. It has never been more essential for all businesses to have an on-line presence as 98% of your clients / prospects will search for your business on the Internet before doing business with you. If you do not have a website presence then it is highly unlikely that they will consider doing business with you. If you do have a website make sure that it is able to let the visitor know immediately what your business does and how they can contact you. There has never been a better time to become a part of the on-line community and establish your business on-line. Make sure you choose a website designer in Melbourne that is able to understand the needs of your business and help create your brand on-line.

Clients who use our services….

WordPress Websites Melbourne

Individually Designed, Functional, Creative and Very Affordable Web Designs Great website design is not about flashy sliders, interesting graphics and large areas of blank screen. It is about providing your clients and potential clients with the ability to understand what you do, what you sell and how to buy from your business. Websites need not be difficult to load new content and the content management system contained with WordPress allows you the business owner the ability to easily upload new content yourself, with a little training from us. We can do everything for you if that is easier for you. By using the best WordPress themes we are able to guarantee that your site will not only have fantastic usability it will look brilliant and be easy to read on all devices, so it will be well regarded by all the search engines.

Responsive Web Design:

For a website the be effective it is imperative that it is able to be read on all devices with equal clarity. This is known as responsive design and nearly all modern websites are able to achieve this. Why is this important? Well more 50% of all searches are now undertaken on mobile devices, from smart phones to tablets. Whether you like it or not your customers are searching for your business on all manner of devices and your website needs to look like a professional website no matter where it is viewed. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and this is even more important on the Internet as research shows you have 3 seconds to get people’s attention before they leave. To ensure that people engage with your website we use the best and latest technology to get people to interact with your business through your website.