How Much Business Are You Losing By Not Having A Local Keyword Rich & Fully SEO’d Website?

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A Website Is The Modern Day Equivalent of A Yellow Pages Ad and Vital for Any Business To Grow
It wasn’t that long ago that the first place consumers searched when they were looking for a product or service was a printed phone book or the yellow pages. Today, the print phone book and yellow pages are pretty much passé. They have going, going, gone the way of the dinosaur!

Not that long ago the average consumer “let their fingers do the walking” through the print phone book or yellow pages. They then spent time phoning or visiting a number of businesses/retailers to uncover information about the products/services they wanted to know more about.

Today, their fingers still do the walking … except they do it on a computer keyboard.

Consumers then visit your business website and that of your competitors, assuming there is a business website for them to visit. If you sell your products/services online they may make the purchase then and there. If not, they may call you or send you a message through your website contact form or subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

That’s IF your website provides what they’re looking for:

A good first impression (so they don’t immediately click off your site and go somewhere else). Easy and clear navigation (so they can find what they are looking for with as little thought as possible – intuitive). The information they want/need (so they see your website is more than just a pretty face, it’s a valuable and professional looking resource with the helpful information they are seeking).

Many businesses are so focused on getting onto the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search results, they forget that what visitors find when they arrive on their website is a critical piece of whether they take the next step – call, email, subscribe, place an order – or not.

How do we create a competition crushing website?

Step 1

Keyword Research and Analyse

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting your business on the map. Website Designer Group will closely examine online traffic, regional demands, keyword usage, and more in order to figure out a plan for your company. Data doesn’t lie, and we have the analytical experience and know-how to find the best results.

Step 2

On Page SEO

The key to attracting search traffic to your website and to rank well in the search engines is to provide great quality content that is of interest to the person searching for your product. Relevant, recent and keyword rich content Google loves.

Step 3

Off Page SEO

As part of our SEO package we will link your site to local industry sources providing links to your site and building the site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines. Your site will also be linked naturally with citations to other directory sites.

Step 4

Calls To Action

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate offer to capture prospects details who visit your website. There is no one size fits all and we work with you to understand the needs and expectations of your prospective clients.

Step 5

Nurturing Prospects

Once we have collected your prospects details we enter them into a nurturing process so that your business is front of mind when they are ready to buy. Only 3% of people are ready to buy today. Most businesses focus on this 3%, we help you sell to this 3% and nurture the other 97%. 

Step 6

Convert to sales

We enhance your visitor’s experience by great website design that makes navigation around your website easy and intuitive.  The easier the site is to navigate the more likely the prospect will do what you want them to do and either buy or contact you.

Step 7


Meeting customer expectations is the bare minimum; what you really want is to exceed expectations. By studying the traffic patterns and buying habits on your website, we can find out what your customers really want. This knowledge will empower you to provide the best possible service.

Step 8


Business doesn’t stop once you get a conversion. In fact, it’s only just begun. Marketing emails and social media posts can help customers remember your products or services, and retargeting campaigns can increase your rates of conversion. These techniques encourage people to come back to your website, even if they didn’t find what they wanted the first time.

Step 9

Get Referrals

Reviews of your products and services are absolutely vital to a successful online marketing campaign. We’ll use time-tested reputation management techniques to help you get the most out of positive reviews. This can lead to increased traffic and a stronger online presence.

Step 10

Build Loyalty

Returning customers are the ones who will really build up your company. By helping people get exactly what they want, both on your website and with your products and services, we can establish a lasting and loyal customer base for your business.