About Web Site Designer Group

Website Designer Group was created from a frustration with Website Designers who cared more about themselves than their clients needs. Our passion is building websites that achieve the goals and objectives of our clients. A website must be functional and can achieve great things with the right SEO Marketing Strategies

Who Is Website Designer Group?

Website Design Group is a leading Website Design and Website Development organisation based in Melbourne Victoria. We have clients in many states mostly in the small to medium sized business niche. Our expertise is in building exceptional websites and creating SEO strategies that produce targeted organic traffic. In addition we construct purpose built niche lead generation sales funnels to expand your client database.

What do we love?

We are excited about everything to do with the Internet and the interaction between buyers and sellers. Our background is buying, renovating and selling websites, which involves finding sites that are performing poorly and renovating them to be income producing. So why is this relevant to you? We apply the same analysis and philosophy to your website when we are building it. What works for your competitors and what are they doing badly that we can improve.

So Why Us?

We have run our own business, and we have helped other people achieve more success than they thought possible in their own businesses. We created Website Designer Group because we could not find anyone who thought about website design and website development, other than in a manner that was about the designer and not the client. We believe that the customer should be able to choose a website that is functional and generates leads for their business and be able to run and maintain it themselves if the choose

Our Success is only measured by Your Success and we love to Succeed

“Rob Duncan Head Geek”

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